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Som. Fishing for catfish

Com the largest predator of the water bodies of the CIS.

The Ural mountains soma no, there is channel catfish, which are bred in fisheries. But, banalny catfish is much less than his older brother.

The weight of the freshwater giants can reach up to 300 kg. But these fish but to catch this catfish is almost impossible .

And here are som of 10 kg is quite possible to catch in the Volga and other basins.

Com night hunter, but on a cloudy day it really to catch during the daylight, holding it deep, snag pits with counter-current of krutoyary with cluttered bottom.

Com – benthic predator, always takes the bait from the bottom.

Catch catfish Donk, spinning, Kwok, trolling, mugs. The choice of gear very seriously, because the struggle will be serious.

Fishing for catfish with a ground rod from the shore.

Rigging for donkey simple. Thick lines, heavy sliding sinker weighing 100-150 g, powerful barrel and durable leash from braided fishing line or metal wire. The hook is powerful, thick and durable.

These are sold in fishing shops, some fishermen make their own hooks.

A powerful rod suitable for sea fishing with a multiplier.

Nozzle for catching catfish can be worm – Nightcrawler, frog, fried on a fire Sparrow, a piece of Laundry soap, or cutting bait from rinnovabile .

How is fishing for catfish with a ground rod from the shore?

Before the evening dawn the fisherman throws tackle in somovu a hole and puts the rod on rogatino. It is desirable to have a few spinning rods. Just have to wait.

Many fishermen use conventional zakidushki of durable fishing line. Put them on the night, firmly fixed on the shore and in the morning you check. But this is a passive fishing for catfish.

Fishing for catfish on a Donk boat

Usually put 3 donkey from the boat. The main thing – in different places Somavia the pit and at different distances.

Fishing for catfish on spinning

Catfish can be caught on spinning, mainly on jig the bait, at least – on other baits.

To get the catfish into the boat without a gaff not do. Some fishermen put catfish in the boat, grabbed the fish by hand for the lower jaw. At the hands of the angler needs to wear thick mittens or gloves to protect yourself from injuries.

If the spinning reel caught catfish – giant and pull him into the boat is not possible, tow it to the gentle shore and there vyvazhivat.

Fishing for catfish at Kwok

Kwok used by our ancestors. Kwok is a beater, proizvodima gurgling sounds when you hit the water.

The impact of Kwok and is heard as a loud click, catfish are attracted to these sounds and it fits the noise, but here’s the bait!

There are many opinions and arguments, what attracts a catfish in the game of Kwok? Reliable but there is no answer.

The main thing – caught catfish on Kwok !

Fishing for catfish trolling

Catfish trolling is used mainly depth the lures of the big sizes. The probability of hooks is very high, so avoid snags.

Rollingout against the current in low speed.

Fishing for catfish on mugs

Catching catfish on mugs in places where the weak. Fishing on mugs takes place, usually on moonlit nights.

Catfish on mugs used durable tackle – fishing line 0.7-0.9 mm, the leash is durable, powerful dynamic or double.

About the bait mentioned above. Let circles of holes around snags. When triggered, the circle requires a fast cutting, otherwise the catfish hide under a snag, leading to a rush tackle.

When biting large catfish should not force the fight. Soma tire should be pulled up to the boat, it is advisable to stun the bat and to pull the hook. If this cannot be done – paddled to shore and continue the fight with soma.

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