Homemade bait for catching of a predator

Homemade bait for catching predatory fish

On predatory fish hotelovem bait.

Quite often, homemade products for fishing lure made by hand of the angler superior in terms of effectiveness fishing tackle the world’s leading industrial manufacturers.

A wide variety of fishing tackle at the moment there is a huge number. Lures, rods, reels, other gear Lomas inundated the shelves. To find, to acquire any tackle is not a huge amount of work. Though there are on them the prices are quite exorbitant. Every year they become more perfect and more perfect, but the fish also becomes more priveredlivie what is called “smart”.

Fishing often happens that the best, according to fishermen baits well-known company, good catches for one, absolutely does not work on another reservoir. Besides fishing a lot of places to catch the fish, without loss of lures is not enough.

Fishing fishing craftsmen produce handmade, perfectly working, perfectly catching a variety of prey, peaceful fish species. However, the most important that anglers do their fishing products for himself and his soul. These lures produce good catches, the fishermen’s satisfaction from their use, in particular for catching trophy fish.

Homemade fishing lures for predator — practical production

Below you are two great brothers Sherbakova video about making homemade fishing with their hands.

In the first film shows how easy and simple to make using a jig bait, or rather fish from polyurethane foam and how to equip it with hooks. The film will tell, how using a broom for cleaning dust, to make efficient streamer, Pavlova a trap to catch a predator live bait or other bait. How to make a rope Shcherbakov, principle of operation, description.

Fishing handcrafted from polyurethane foam and fish

To make a fishing lure using polyurethane, will apply a template that is easy to make yourself. But applying it, you can do hundreds of diys, repeatable, cutting bait on a contour with a sharp knife. This material is handled superbly, allowing you to give any form.

The technology of manufacturing fish foam is the same. This material is easy to get at any hardware store. Need template, blade, knife.

The Council for the angler: process foam must first wet it, then it is well cut.


Octopus is great bait jig, resembles a squid, its a great skirt entices the predator. Improve it also will not make special difficulties. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off a part of the nozzle head and impale it on the tee, after securing it is a piece of polyurethane to increase buoyancy.

Watch a video in which you learn in great detail the manufacture and testing of products for fishing.

Manufacturer of lures, equipment and configuring various baits from silicone

In the second film, about the making of fishing spinning nozzles, it is shown how simply and easily with your own hands, make and set all spinners for all fishing conditions. There is information how to equip different baits from silicone, this artificial worms, shads, twisters and others. How to make nezatseplyayki. All these and many other practical tips, advice you’ll receive by viewing this excellent film. As you will see from the video, a homemade bait make it yourself quite difficult.

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