Unique inhabitants of the Black sea. Gurnard

Aqua world of the Black sea can surprise even the most avid anglers. One of the most amazing fish, which can catch by any angler – a sea cock. This fish is very different from any aquatic animals living in lakes and rivers – freshwater. While summer vacation and fishing will leave the best memories, and you do not even refer to the named Agency.

Gurnard has a rather impressive size

Body shape is a rare fish dark red hue. In appearance, sea cock is very similar to the bird, with its lateral fins that are very similar to bird wings. Besides the Gill fins are quite similar to feet, as they are without membranes. When the sea cock is moved along the bottom, with the help of these foot-fins, it seems that the fish performs a quick jump. Another feature of sea cocks is that they can jump out of the waters and fly over the water 1-2 meters.

Gurnard is by nature a predatory fish, so it should catch on the other pieces of marine fish. Trigla (another name of mortgagethe) lives at depths of 20 meters where the sandy bottom. The main prey of sea cock is red mullet (red mullet), which also prefers to dwell near the bottom of the sea. In the evenings, after the hot southern sun disappears behind the horizon, the sea cock rises to the sea surface. In the evening guests can watch sea cocks make their amazing flights.

The quality of excitement, on the sea-cock does not go to any comparison with catching other fish. Basically, Trigla is on a fishing hook when the fishermen catch mackerel. As bait when fishing for sea cock should be using the same bait when fishing Katran, ie mullet or mackerel.

As soon as gurnard is on the hook, it needs to draw out to the surface. He resists not too desperately, until then, until you are almost at the surface of water. And now, at the last moment gurnard, rapidly trying to go deep. If the angler uses the fishing line is not strong enough, she can immediately break. The fish will be gone, and Fisher will remain with the nose. Sometimes to draw out the sea cock is about 15 minutes – a real battle between angler and fish.

Meat sea cock, its taste is very similar to the meat of sturgeon. In addition it has virtually no bones, so the sea cock will fit both for soup and for frying.

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