Fish catfish. Fishing for catfish
Catfish — fish–giant. It is the largest predator that lives in fresh water. Belongs to the family somovyh. Representatives of this family are peculiar to the clumsy, highly elongated, spindle-shaped…

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The sea aquarium in Gdynia
Located on the Baltic coast of Poland Tricity – Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot. The agglomeration stretches along the coast of the gdańsk Bay for tens of kilometers and attracts tourists…

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Com – useful properties and benefits, harms and contraindications


Catfish — fish family somovyh. Is large. On average, this fish has a length of about 3 meters and can weigh up to 150 kg. Lives in fresh water, for example, in the Azov, Caspian, Black and other seas.

A distinguishing feature of catfish is not only that he has a mustache, but that it has no adipose fin and spines on the fins. It feeds on small sea creatures, including crustaceans, fish and molluscs. Sometimes you can eat and waterfowl, and domestic animals and even carrion.

Properties soma

Som brown but has different shades. They have been affected and the habitat of fish. So, it can vary from yellow to black. You can occasionally find fish and albino. Catfish can live for several dozen years, but not more than 35 years, although to this rule there are exceptions.

Soma is calorie 115 kcal per 100 g, which is not so much for fish.

Use soma

In this fish there is a rich chemical composition, which determines the use of fillets. It is Packed with vitamins A, C, E and group of vitamins B. in Addition to the vitamins it has and the large number of minerals.

In fish contain very important acids and proteins useful to the organism, and the dishes from the catfish not only important, but also tasty and nutritious.

Due to the low content of calories fish can be attributed to dietary product, colorimage to include in the menu for weight loss.

Most catfish fillet choose pregnant women, women who have recently given birth and those who have weakened immune system. Due to the fact that fish contains a small amount of calories, but it has a high nutritional value and a set of useful chemical substances, catfish fillet not only gives energy, but also improves the condition of skin, hair, nails, strengthens immunity and nervous system.

The use of soma

To prepare catfish is very easy, and this is also appreciated in cooking. Get rid of the scales of this fish is very easy, and in the extremely low meat content of the bones. Due to these properties, the fish can be cooked very quickly, without spending time on pre-processing. Before cooking, it helps to get rid of the head, fins and gut the insides. Then you can cut the fish into pieces and start cooking.

However, soma has one feature — it’s the smell of Tina. Sometimes it is because of this is rejection of the fish for the benefit of others. To get rid of the smell just soak fillets in lemon juice for 30 minutes, or in milk, though it will take more time — a few hours.

It is noteworthy that the fat in this fish is not evenly distributed, and due to this feature fillets can be used for cooking different dishes. In the rear the most calories, fat and juicy, so it can be used to make a cake or dried meat. But the head division is recommended for cooking soup. The middle part is ideal for cooking burgers, kebabs and other dishes.

With a calorie catfish can “play” — it can vary depending on the method of preparation. If it is important to eat as little fat and calories, it is best to cook steamed fish, boil or bake without using oil. If the amount of calories and fat each, you can cook the fish by any means, for example, fry it in vegetable oil, adding in the finished dish or cream sauce.

Harm soma

Specific contraindications for this fish, no, but it is worth considering that catfish, like other fish, can be an allergen, so there may be individual intolerance to fish, where to use this product is strictly prohibited.

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