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How to cook catfish Som refers to marine and freshwater fish. The body mass reaches up to 30 pounds. Sea catfish similar to freshwater, they have the same moustache, chest…

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As winter fish?
Winter fish are transferred in different ways. In winter, the fish reduced all life processes, almost all fish, with rare exceptions, stop feeding. They have slowed down the growth process…

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The TYPES and variety of predatory fish

The diversity of predatory fish

Freshwater predators include burbot, catfish, perch, pike, Chub, perch, grayling and other fish. Among predators, plowing through sea and oceans, especially different morays, Barracuda, piranha, cod, catfish, salmon and, of course, various species of sharks. The most striking characteristic feature of all predatory fish is extraordinary greed and excessive voracity. These creatures eat other fish and mammals and even birds. Some of them, for example, sharks often pick up various debris, throwing people from the ships into the water, for example, cans and other inedible food remains.

The largest freshwater predator

This, of course, catfish. Catfish is a predatory freshwater fish that has no scales. Individual instances can reach a length of 5 m and weighing up to 400 kg. Favorite habitats of catfish are lakes and rivers, distributed in the European part of Russia. There is a widespread belief that catfish prefer to eat spoiled food and rotting carrion. It is not so. A favourite treat of most soms are shellfish, freshwater small animals and birds. The main prey of catfish is, of course, fish. This predator keeps nocolors life, and throughout the day is resting under driftwood and in deep holes. In the history of fisheries there are cases where even catfish attacking humans.

Predatory creatures of the ocean and sea depths

The world’s oceans, constituting a large part of the globe, inhabited by different creatures. In its invisible depths, and on land, is a real struggle for survival. Evolution “equipped” non-predatory fish in these tools, allowing them to feel themselves to be real masters of life. This shark, with powerful jaws and sharp, razor teeth; it and devil-fish, “equipped” kind of “antenna” with a wart, which allows it to catch prey; it is lightning fast and Moray eels, which are among the most dangerous predators of the planet; and this bloodthirsty piranhas, attacking the flock and in a matter of minutes leaving only the bones of the victim.

The lifestyle of predatory fish

The absolute majority of all predators roam the vast expanses of the tropics and subtropics. It and is clear: the warm waters contain great quantities of warm-blooded mammals and herbivorous fishes, constituting the main diet of fish predators. Often these creatures in a fit of his own greed swallow the amount of food that the stomach is unable to digest! Ichthyologists who have studied the behavior of predatory and peaceful fish, note that the first noticeably different the most developed intelligence than their victims. According to the researchers, predatory fish is a extremely resourceful creation. That only is the famous white shark, which is the world’s most dangerous fish for humans. Ichthyologists who conducted the experiments with great white sharks in the Bahamas, believe that these fish are much smarter than domestic cats.

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