Aquarium fish. Types of aquarium fish

Fish is one of the oldest groups of animals on our planet for over 400 million years and inhabit more than 70% of its surface.

The habitat of the fish and climatic conditions are so extensive that they can be found in almost any reservoir of the planet from the Northern seas and oceans to tropical swamps in the Equatorial zone.

Hidden from the eyes of the underwater world and way of life of the fish always attracted people, many myths and legends gave rise to the mysteries of the watery depths.

Despite the nutritional value of fish, attempt their maintenance and breeding in artificial water bodies were caused by interest in their way of life – the first mention of fish in ornamental ponds Dating from the IX century BC (the hanging gardens of Babylon).

Beginning as a serious study and breeding of fish began in the Buddhist monasteries of China during the Tang dynasty (618-907 ad) – then managed to get the first goldfish, which were the first ornamental fish, Carassius auratus and currently enjoys wide popularity among aquarists.

Thanks to the inquiring mind of the person and the work of many generations of naturalists, the aquarium has received a wide circulation not only among specialists. And the word itself is the aquarium attracts and fascinates, and people, fascinated by the content of the aquarium has a unique opportunity to create your own fabulous and nepovtorimymi.

With the advancement of technology the list of fish suitable for keeping in the aquarium has expanded considerably. Today to aquarium fish include fish of the families of cichlids, cyprinids, toothcarps, characins, pelleve, aderinoye, pomacentridae, labyrinth, donaciinae, catfish. Not so long ago were unsuccessful and attempts the content in the decorative aquarium of sturgeon.

Aquarium fish have different sizes and colors, most bright colors inherent to marine aquarium fishes, but their maintenance requires considerable experience and skills, so in aquariums are more common tropical species of freshwater aquarium fish, as well having a wide variety of body shapes and colors.

Dimensions of aquarium fish can vary from a few millimeters to a meter or more, but if we talk about home aquariums, the size of the largest aquarium fish are usually in the range of 20-30 see

Conditions aquarium fish also have a wide range and can vary on a number of indicators. Therefore buying an aquarium, you need to know in advance about the conditions of detention of aquarium fish which will become its inhabitants.

Different aquarium fish and compatibility, so should not put big fish with small or slow with fast and nimble, and some of the most aggressive types, actually advisable to keep in a separate tank.

Plants for aquarium fish are important for some species they are necessary, for others – absolutely contraindicated.

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