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Proper fish feeding

Proper feeding of fish is one of the most important moments in the aquarium. Wrong feeding is, along with poor water quality (which is also called, for example, over-feeding) the main cause of death of fish.

One of the things that is often overlooked is the fact that different fish are “adapted” for different food. What hare it is necessary cormail carrot, and wolf meat, it is understood by all. But with fish, it is often overlooked. Beautiful tropheus to put in the aquarium with omnivorous fishes and take them all to feed Tubifex is a sure way to send poor souls to the light due to the outbreak of infection in the digestive system, which is designed for digesting coarse plant foods. And legkousvaivaemyh food rich in protein, this stomach leads to trouble.

Therefore, along with selection of compatible fish to water parameters, you must put together fish with similar gastronomic requests.

Fish can be divided into several categories:

• Predatory fish (carnivore) – these fish feed on “meat” and usually require live food – fish and etc. They have a short intestine and a large stomach, which can fit the whole prey. Young fish can be fed once a day. Many adult fish can swallow the whole goldfish at a time and then digest it for several days. Premaratna fish are predatory catfish. These fish can be trained to a special artificial feed.

• Herbivorous fish (herbivore) – these fish are the exact opposite of the previous one. The stomach of such fish is small, and some of it generally plainly is not present, (why they need a large stomach?), but the long intestines designed to digest coarse plant foods. In nature these fish feed on plants and algae. Although they will happily eat any live food. Due to the small stomach of such fish do not get enough at one time – they are like cows all the time grazing and bite something. Therefore, it is necessary to feed them more often, trying to add in special food flakes containing spirulina and fresh vegetables – cabbage, etc. examples of such fish are African cichlids – tropheus.

• Omnivorous fish (omnivore) – to this type belongs the majority of aquarium fish. They are not real carnivores or vegetarians, and prefer a little of everything. These fish are the most easy-to-feed.

The feed

In principle, many of described here very briefly concepts can be found in any book on nutrition. Usually manufacturers put the feed composition on the packaging.

Protein (protein, protein) – an essential component to fish growth and constitutes the bulk of the dry weight of the fish. The most important components are amino acids, which are used for cell synthesis. Fry for protein should be 50% of feed for adult fish – less, depending on the type of fish. Because the metabolism of fish depends on the temperature, for cold-water fish food contains less protein.

Fat (fat) – are a source of energy, along with carbohydrates. Aquarium fish don’t spend a lot of energy (food falling from the sky regularly, no need to hunt, to get away from predators too), so the percentage of fat in the diet should be small in order to avoid obesity. Fry feed usually contains more fat. It is not recommended [1] to use a lot of animal fat, such as feeding cow’s heart along with fat. These fats are not well-digestible and can cause problems with digestion in cold-blooded fish.

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