The Aquarium Of Rhodes
The aquarium of Rhodes is a journey into the underwater world In the district of Neohori . the northernmost point of Rhodes town . on a sandy promontory, jutting out…

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The inhabitants of the Black sea
It is necessary to know As in any other tourist destination has its own rules and traditions, and that part of them is the black sea.There are instances of jellyfish…

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Reviews about: Marine aquarium – families with children

The whole family recently visited the Sea aquarium at the Clean ponds, I liked it.

So I last week managed to arrange an excursion to the Moscow aquarium for 8-9 years old children and their parents. The time chosen for myself: Friday 16:00 (duration 1 hour), since at 18:30 on this day carried the show with feeding predatory fish. And between these two excursions you can walk (if weather permits) or sit in a cafe (a huge number of them on Clean ponds).

The feeding tour and we spent Gurevich, Ilya Grigoryevich – the head of the tour Department. A person who knows the answer to every inquisitive question in their field that can interest any inattentive student. In short, “man of his craft”. Thank you!

We learned the beauty of warm seas, fed the turtles, zagadnienia holding starfish on his palm, saw the eggs of sharks learned to distinguish male and female individuals among the stingrays and learned a great many other no less interesting information. We boarded on time in a completely new world, where even something tiny is very important, and something bright and beautiful – insanely dangerous and poisonous.

Our men could not “break away” from the aquarium with Moray eels, but these ladies were almost blind by nature and I could reciprocate. And our children were delighted with predatory piranhas (but are not predatory).

Two excursions (General and feeding) a little overlap in information, but only a little. One without another will not give as complete an idea of what he saw. The only drawback was that the first was performed exclusively for our group (free, uncrowded), but the feeding of the audience was much larger, which we, of course, hampered in places and created a crush.

The total price was quite high, but despite this, all were very happy and continued to discuss with each other what they saw. And those whose houses have aquariums, very want to go back again already for the purchase and replenishment of your home collection.

Now make your “penny” in the reviews outlined earlier. Yes, this is first and foremost the shop: the premises are small, the aisles too narrow, almost everything can be bought, some aquariums of the straps.

But! This place is a mad diversity and beauty, with a proper tour – “the feeling of complete immersion in another world”. There is a dressing room (for tour groups) and toilet, there is a possibility of booking excursions , a convenient redemption in just a few days prior to the date.

So personally, I would like to wish this place to raise a brood, be sure to diversify your collection of octopus, sea horses, various shrimp and many more and, of course, lots of satisfied visitors.

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