Entrees soup of sea fish
Long time I did not indulge recipes and opened our "virtual" Internet cafes " Master ". Today in the "Delicious recipes" I want to share with you another recipe. And…

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Som. Fishing for catfish
Com the largest predator of the water bodies of the CIS. The Ural mountains soma no, there is channel catfish, which are bred in fisheries. But, banalny catfish is much…

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Decorative pond fish

The most common ornamental pond fish is the Japanese KOI and goldfish. And they both have a bright color, therefore visible in the water. It is a good visibility of fish is the primary requirement if our goal is to beautify the pond, not the fish in it on weekends. Of course, there are lots of other fish that you can keep in your pond, if you sometimes want to eat some fish from my personal pond. This carp and the pike, but almost any freshwater fish. But today it’s not about them.

When selecting ornamental fish in the first place, you should consider the size of your pond. If it is large enough, then you perfect KOI. If the pond is not too large, not be upset. In it successfully you can put goldfish. Many people mistakenly believe them only aquarium fish. However, many breeds of goldfish great feel in the pond. Originally these fish were derived exactly as in a pond. Subject to certain conditions, they even successfully overwinter in them.

There are many breeds of goldfish. They are divided into corotating (oranda, Valuehost, pearl, telescope, etc.) and the long-bodied (the common goldfish, comet, shubunkin). For the maintenance of the pond will suit the long-bodied fish. Gorodomlya their cousins too delicate and demanding. The best option would be a comet. This fish is not just whimsical, but also very beautiful. Her beautiful, long fins is not activates indifferent. As these fish are very sociable. They will not hide from you in the depth of the pond. On the contrary, the sight of a man, they flock rush to the shore, begging for food. And how much joy will bring the process of feeding children! Fish are almost tame. Putting his hand into the water, they can even touch. This is another big plus ornamental fish. Wild carp or other freshwater fish, will never be such a manual Pets.

Caring for fish is feeding in the warm season and to ensure the conditions of wintering in the cold period. To feed the fish to the cold weather. When the temperature decreases to 5-6 degrees, the fish become inactive, the metabolism so slows down and they quit feeding. At this time is to prepare for the winter.

If the pond was heavily polluted during the summer, there are a lot of plant residues (leaves from trees, dead parts of aquatic plants, etc.), it should be clean. Convenient to do is a submersible pump for cleaning cesspools. The pump will collect all the dirt from the bottom of the reservoir, and leaves from the surface is convenient to assemble the net. With this method of cleaning will not need to drain all the water from the pond, which is detrimental to the water balance. Once clean you only need to add fresh water to the desired level.

The next, equally important step is to keep the pond ice-free hole. This need for air exchange. Otherwise, the fish may simply suffocate. To maintain a hole by means of special aerators, pumps, or even a simple aquarium pump. The main thing to ensure a small current of water, which will prevent the formation of ice at the location of the pump. During freezing temperatures, ice can still freeze, then you should spill boiling water until the ice melts. In no event it is impossible to cut holes with an axe or crowbar, and you can stun the fish.

If you stopped your choice on the KOI fish, their care is identical. These fish are so trusting to people. However, they will grow into weighty giants, compared to goldfish. But in large ponds it will not be a hindrance. Their unusual, bright colors will give any pond beauty and charm.

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