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Dangerous dwellers of the Mediterranean sea

The red sea is an inland sea of the Indian ocean. It is located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula in the tectonic depression. The sea washes the shores of Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Sudan. The red sea as a place where the ocean meets the desert, and it is exotic and charming, natural sea landscape. Since ancient times people have used the sea as a natural road between the West and the East.

None of the rivers empties into the Red sea, because the water is crystal clear, because typically rivers carry a lot of sand and silt, making the sea water is unclear. The red sea is one of salinasa in the world.

The climate of the red sea coast is warm and dry, the temperature even in December and January (the coldest period ) in the daytime averages 23 degrees, and in August (the hottest month) reaches 35-40 degrees. The water temperature off the coast of Egypt due to this climate even in winter does not fall below +20°C and in summer reaches +27.

In the depths of the crystal blue surface of the red sea is inhabited by living beings: the reefs and coral, turning the sea into a Paradise for lovers of scuba diving. Besides, it is home to more than a thousand species of tropical fish. Here there are places where coral reefs are formed in a unique system of caves, plateaus and lagoons.Nevertheless, we recommend you to be careful – some of the inhabitants of the underwater world can be dangerous to humans.

Another sea, washing the shores of Egypt – the Mediterranean – is megaterium sea to the Atlantic ocean. Located between the continents Africa and Eurasia and is one of the largest in the world.

The Mediterranean sea is located in the subtropical zone, and this determines its climate, creating a unique Mediterranean type, characterized by mild wet winters along with hot, dry summers.

In the winter months over the Mediterranean sea is set low atmospheric pressure that makes the weather unstable, with heavy rainfall and frequent storms. The temperature decreases under the influence of cold Northern winds. As for summer, in this period the Azores anticyclone covers most of the sea, and then fair weather prevails with little rainfall.

The Mediterranean sea is famous for its beauty and tranquility, but, like other sea in some seasons becomes very rough. Then high waves fall with all of her weight on the coast.

From ancient times the Mediterranean has attracted people because of its favourable climate. And the concept of “Mediterranean” refers to a climate with long dry, clear and hot summers and short cool and wet winter. However, sometimes in winter cold winds bring to these places and snow.

In Egypt a new phase of tourism development. On the coast of the Mediterranean hotels are being built, and in the nearest future it is planned to open up to 10 000 seats. The basis for the development of new tourist areas is different from the existing one instead of hotels stretching along the coast the chain on the section from Alexandria to the border with Libya, the Egyptian businessmen planning to use the internal site. The benefit of a large number of picturesque oases and other beautiful objects in the distance from the sea as I can tell.

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