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Captivating and dangerous underwater world of the red sea

The beauty of the underwater world of the red sea long ago beckon travelers to itself. This sea has an unusual origin, high temperature and salinity. Here a large variety of underwater inhabitants. Only in the Red sea there are about a thousand different species of fishes and about 150 species of corals.

For the population of Egypt, the Red sea and its inhabitants are a national treasure. In the country strictly pursue violators of the law on the protection of underwater inhabitants. The penalties for harming marine plants and animals reach the impressive size, to escape a few coins of Russia 2012 will fail.

Meanwhile, the desire of tourists to engage in diving is becoming a factor of disturbance for the inhabitants of the red sea. Diving is the most attractive form of recreation in Egypt. It attracts thousands of tourists all year round because even in winter the water in the Red sea has a temperature around 21 ºC.

All along the Egyptian coast of the red sea are drawn the rich life of colorful coral reefs. Enjoy their rich flora and fauna can’t launch out far from the shore. Also near the coast you can see amazing fish of the red sea. They are all so different, in size, color, behavior! Their appearance causes a storm of delight for tourists of all ages. Even standing on the pier, they can see whole shoals of underwater sea creatures.

Among predstavitelskogo world of the red sea is the most dangerous for human species, which tourists should be wary.

Sea urchin. From sea urchins most often suffer not too attentive or too curious tourists. The body of this fish is covered with sharp and long needles, for which it got its name. Sea urchin inhabits in shallow water, in a thicket of coral reefs. In this case, most often vacationers become victims of their carelessness. Needle of sea urchin contain poison, and stepping on a fish you can get a serious foot injury.

SKAT is in second place after a sea urchin for traumatic for the person. Electric rays electric shock, and hvostokol prick tail thorns. Egyptian stingrays often bury themselves in the sand and merge with it in color.

The stonefish is dangerous and poisonous, can bite humans with spikes on the back.

Usually lies in the thickets of corals.

Lionfish, with their bright coloring warns “Stay away from me”.

Moray has a sleek body and long toothed jaws.

Shark. In the Red sea is home to 9 species of sharks, but off the coast of Egypt they appear rarely, more common near the coast of Sudan.

Corals . The danger of the coral is not great, the main thing is not to step on sharp protrusions, so as not to injure the leg.

To rest and acquaintance with the inhabitants of the deep sea will not cause harm, you should follow simple and easy steps to personal safety:

– required special shoes designed for swimming, diving;

-you should not take in the night time;

nothing and no one would get hurt in the water and not to forget that fish are safe for people, if you admire them at a distance.

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