Fish in the pond at the cottage
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Aquarium fish discus. The Council
Aquarium fish discus Discus (Symphysodon) is one of the most common denizens of home aquariums. These fish are loved for their interesting shape, bright color, peaceful. About how contains aquarium…

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The inhabitants of the Black sea

It is necessary to know

As in any other tourist destination has its own rules and traditions, and that part of them is the black sea.There are instances of jellyfish caught even in the Annunciation, not take them. Although the probability that they will be so close to the shore very low.But after the storm managed to shoot this a couple of jellyfish in a semi living state.

Medusa kornerot . It is easily distinguished by the fleshy, bell-like dome and a heavy beard of the mouth of the blades underneath. These lace on the blades and are poisonous stinging cells. This jellyfish can burn Your skin like hot water. Just don’t touch her if she’s met in the water — go around, amplimite her.

Largest black sea jellyfish Aurelia :her Latin name, Aurelia aurita, in translation means “long-eared long-eared beast”. Aurelia will not burn the skin but can hurt to sting the edges of the lips or eyes, so the children throw the jellyfish is better not to allow: if you fall in the eye — will not laugh. Stinging cells on its fringe of small tentacles fringing the edge of the dome of the jellyfish. If you touch even a dead jellyfish, and then rubbing the eye and people get burned.

Marine fish, the Scorpion (Scorpaena porcus). The wounds from the spikes Scorpion fish cause burning pain, the injections is red and swollen, then malaise, fever, and Your stay is for a day or two interrupted. If You have suffered from thorns ruff — contact your doctor. The wounded Scorpion must drink a lot of water, try to walk more.Wounds need to be treated like ordinary scratches. The main symptoms of poisoning with poison of sea perch — local inflammation (where pricked) and General allergic reaction. therefore, the only tablets that can help are anti-Allergy (antihistamine) drugs. Remember that you need to follow the instructions for use of tablets. Deaths from injections Scorpion fish is unknown. Accidentally it no one comes and we suffer from its barbs curious divers and anglers, when you shoot a ruff with the hook or removed from the network.

Sea dragon — small dragon (Trachinus vipera), or the fish-snake. The wounds caused by the dragon, is considered more dangerous than in the case of the Scorpion (the reaction to the poison could for a couple of days to erase from active resort life), but the treatment is the same. On the back of the head and a fish’s poisonous spines. Stepping on the dragon unlikely — he’s quite shy and quick. But after catching it while fishing, people often get the injections, trying to let him off the hook.

Katran (or Prickly shark), also known as a Sea dog. It’s not dangerous for people shark, although it is worth noting that fish the great white shark is a nightmare! Sea dog is a predator that attacks fish, even if she couldn’t. The size of this shark is about one meter high, dwells she, where colder and deeper, almost to the shore is not suitable. Only to take it into the hands of dangerous — its fins are venomous thorns, and therefore it is called Barbed.

Stingray, the marine cat (Dasyatis pastinaca). Let small — but it’s scat. The largest in the Black sea reaches a half meters from tip of tail to nose. Stingrays lie on the bottom. Occasionally float, waving “wings”. Stingrays are very shy and peaceful. Stingray does not attack itself never. But if you would still be able to step on it, Fox will stab you with its tail. The wound will remain quite sensitive, ripped. No deadly poison or shock hazard, do not follow.

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