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Venomous marine animals – octopus sincerity. Habits.

This beautiful octopuses in length rarely exceeds 20 cm. The average size of cinacalcet octopus is 10-20 cm. However, the poison of this one mollusk enough to kill 26 adults. Therefore, it belongs to the category of the most dangerous and poisonous marine animals.

Sincerity octopus — the octopus genus that includes four known species, inhabiting the coastal waters of Australia, Philippines, Indonesia and New Guinea. The weight of the animals varies in the range of 10-100 grams.

The body of all mollusks of this genus are covered with large blue rings. Ring of the octopus differ. Some ( Hapalochlaena maculosa ) rings are visible only in the aggressive condition, in a period of calm, they do not appear.

Quick change of color common to all octopuses. In their skin contains cells with different pigments. Cells are able to rapidly shrink or stretch, depending on the signals coming from the senses.

Why octopuses are masters of disguise. I advise you to watch the video. On the eighth second you see the octopus? And there he is!

Video: amazing octopus camouflage

But back to cinacalcet octopus . This species is found at depths up to 50 meters, and they can be found both in the reef and on a shallow coast.

It is difficult to say something definite about the behavior of these octopuses in relation to the person. Russian Wikipedia describes them as aggressive animals, Animal planet claims that shellfish are attacking humans only in self-defense — if they put a stick or accidentally step. English and German Wikipedia shut quietly. In any case, the venom of these molluscs are worthy of attention and thanks to him cinacalcet of octopus belong to the category of the most dangerous and the most poisonous marine animals.

The poison of the octopus cinacalcet

Makhotkin, more precisely, tetrodotoxin — the poison neurotoxic action, dangerous, and often fatal. The poison is produced not by the mollusk, living in it and bacteria.

The poison blocks the sodium channels, leading to muscle paralysis, stop the breathing muscles and, consequently, of the heart. However, if a paralyzed person to keep on life support, after a while tetrodotoxin is neutralized by the body.

First aid by the bite of cinacalcet octopus:

– bandage-tourniquet above the bite, to prevent the spread of poison through the body

– artificial respiration, which must be done even if the victim appears to be dead, because the poison leads to a state in which the victim is fully aware of what is happening, but cannot give any signal.

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