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Ornamental fish pond: types, content (articles)
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The design of the algae pond in the yard with their hands

The pond in the courtyard with their hands

Household plots and cottages have long ceased to be only a place of cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops. Are gardens the various plots are created flower beds, planted rare plants, put gazebos, digging ditches under the streams and decorative bridges. Flight of fancy can create a huge number of options garden design, and are experts in landscape design.

Today one of the most popular elements of landscape design is a decorative garden pond in the yard. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure derived from the contemplation of the pond, you will also receive the change of local microclimate in your garden.

Despite its apparent external simplicity, a garden pond is not any ordinary pit, filled it with water. A good pond is a kind of hydro-engineering complex. There is aeration system, fit for receipt and flow of water etc. So if you want to get a real work of art in your garden – it is better entrust the creation of a garden pond professionals.

In the beginning when creating a pond in the yard with his hands pulled out the pit. To prevent the subsidence of the wall of the pit specifically strengthen. Also to the ground water from getting into the pond, it is necessary to separate the soil from the swimming pool special materials. Today apply such materialisic the most common plastic film, PVC film, butyl rubber base, etc. are also used and prepared forms for pools made of fiberglass or plastic. The main differences of materials in terms of operation. The service life of various materials can vary from 3 to 50 years. Also the differences of the films prepared from designs that when using the first you can create a completely unique and unique shape of the ponds.

When creating a pond can be used and insulating concrete structures. However, the use of concrete is quite troublesome. First, it is necessary to select materials of the highest quality, to avoid further fractures and crumbling of the concrete in the pond. Secondly, before you start work will require registration of allowing documents on the site. And the complexity of the concreting of the bowl of the pond is much more than using insulation tape.

There are different types of garden ponds, for example, elevated gardens, ponds regular geometric shape or arbitrary shape. The first two types due to the correctness of the forms usually decorate decorative tiles, artificial stone or plastic. For decorating ponds arbitrary shape used natural stone and a variety of decorative greenery.

Regardless of the form of a garden pond, it is possible to grow many species of algae and fish and other underwater animals. The design of the pond will give him the naturalness and harmony. Small fountain in the center of the pond makes the song more refined, as well as enrich the water with oxygen.

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