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Sea dragon, sea dragon, Scorpid
Sea dragon — Trachinus draco Dragon, Scorpid, dragon (no.) Sea dragon - Trachinus draco Sea dragon is the only representative of the family of the Drakensberg (Trachinidae) in the Black…

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Popular names of fish that are found off the coast of the Mediterranean sea, are so numerous that all of them simply it is impossible to keep in memory. Famous wrasse (or greenfinch) on the coast of Provence has, for example, fifteen or twenty different names. Green wrasse’m just greenfinch, unlike blue.

The only thing we can be sure is that both fish belong to the family lebedovych. If you have a reference on ichthyology, he will help identify a particular fish shape and color, rather than local name.

Lavraki is called “grouper” (the measure) is exactly the same as in English Grouper. Dark perch (dusky-perch) is virtually impossible to distinguish from cernier, which is a stone perch. And so on, ad infinitum.

Habits, exactly the same as the shape and number of teeth and the location and structure of the fins – that is what is taken into account, but even when ichthyologists classify fish are often caught in a jam. Really, until you start to cope with the special literature to identify fish, you will not understand how little is known about the difference between fishes and their actual habits in the marine environment (not in the aquarium).

It is still an open field of activity for making various popravki the accomplishment of new discoveries. Frenchman Pierre de Latil recently released a big amount of information in the book is the best book about the fishes of the Mediterranean sea, their classification, habits and how they should hunt. This is an invaluable book for the hunter and naturalist.

Lately talked with all of the famous hunters who were questioned about their observations of the underwater Kingdom. Rich experience of Lately – naturalist allowed him to give us the first truly comprehensive overview of the fish of the Mediterranean sea, though there are many errors, noticeable to the layman.

However, it should be borne in mind that the local names of the fishes of the Mediterranean sea, there is complete confusion. If you catch a fish and want to determine it, it is very important to remember the length, shape of mouth, gills, teeth, fins (and most importantly), to draw attention to the fact that a continuous or discontinuous her dorsal fins (and if the latter, then how many of them), not to forget about the side fins, the lower fin, as well as anything else that may seem significant to you. If you are even in a small degree interested in the fish, the moment will come when you will regret that in due time have not made any entries about the fish that caused you doubt.

All fish listed below are all bony. This list is far from complete, but it will give you an idea about the most common off the coast of the Mediterranean sea fish *.

* Ticks I marked those fish I’ve ever seen on the Black sea. I’m pretty sure most of the others also is found in the Black sea in large quantities. Some (mackerel, for example) in the Black sea are found in large quantities, but rare in the Mediterranean. So far I did not have to meet in the Black sea octopus and eels, but I saw a large Stingray with a beautiful white plumage on the tail. Near the Cold river I saw literally thousands of small barbules lying on the bottom in straight rows, like soldiers.

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