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The presence of teeth, according to biologists dealing with evolution, one of the main reasons for the successful development of all vertebrates. Thanks to teeth-studded jaws living beings conquered the…

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Catching butterflies is a favorite activity of many naturalists, but the butterfly fish sea available eyes only for lovers of scuba diving. This amazing fish of the family metinsoy, live…

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What food chain is the black sea? Questions about fish

The flora of the sea includes 270 species of multicellular green, brown, red benthic algae (Cystoseira, Phyllophora, zoster, kladofora, Ulva, enteromorpha, etc.). In the composition of phytoplankton in the Black sea — not less than six hundred species. Among them, dinoflagellates — loricate flagellates (Prorocentrum micans, Ceratium furca, small scripsiella Scrippsiella trochoidea, etc.), dinoflagellates (dinophysis, protoperidinium, alexandrium), various diatoms, etc.

The fauna of the Black sea is markedly poorer than the Mediterranean, in particular, there are no sea stars, sea urchins, sea lilies, octopus, cuttlefish, squid, corals[4]. In the Black sea is home to 2500 species of animals (including 500 single-celled species, 160 species of vertebrates — fish, mammals, 500 species of crustaceans, 200 species of mollusks, and the rest — invertebrates of different species), for comparison, in the Mediterranean — about 9,000 species. Among the main reasons for the relative poverty of the animal world of the sea[4]:

a wide range of water salinity

moderately cold voderady dangerous fish of the Black sea — sea dragon (the most dangerous — poisonous spines of the dorsal fin and Gill covers), and a noticeable black sea Scorpion fish, sting ray (sea cat) with poisonous spines on the tail.

Birds common gulls, petrels, ducks-Pochards, cormorants and several other species. Mammals are represented in the Black sea two species of Dolphin (Dolphin-bottlenose Dolphin and Bonn conventions), the Azov-black sea common sea pig (often called Azov Dolphin), as well as the white-bellied seal.

Some species of animals, inhabiting the Black sea often brought in through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles by the current or swim on their own.

the presence of hydrogen sulfide at greater depths.

In this regard, the Black sea is suitable for habitation fairly undemanding species, at all stages of development which do not require great depths.

At the bottom of the Black sea inhabited by mussels, oysters, pecten, and the mollusc-predator Rapana included with vehicles from the Far East. In the crevices of the coastal cliffs and among the rocks is home to many crabs, there are shrimps, there are various kinds of jellyfish (the most common are Aurelia and kornerot), sea anemones, sponges.

Among the fish species in the Black sea, various species of gobies (the goby-Golovach, bull-whip, round goby, the goby martovich, goby Amur sleeper), Azov anchovy, black sea anchovy (anchovy) shark-spiny dogfish, flatfish-Glossa, flounder-Kalkan, a mullet of five species, lofar, hake (hake), sea ruff, barbula (common black sea mullet), haddock, mackerel, horse mackerel, black sea-Azov sea herring, black sea-Azov sea sprat, garfish, sea horse, etc. Meet sturgeon (Beluga, stellate sturgeon, black sea-Azov (Russian) and Atlantic sturgeon).

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