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The inhabitants of the sea. Encyclopedia. Suborder Fern stingrays (Myliobatoidei) In the suborder Myliobatoidei of the species of Dasyatidae family get together often brightly coloured species, for example, Taeniura lymma…

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Fish in the Mediterranean sea
Mako shark (Isurus oxyrhinchus) - the champion of the fastest sharks, reaching up to 4 meters long and weight more than half a ton. Belongs to the category of very…

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The aquarium and its inhabitants. Aquarium with sea water

Aquarium with sea water — the opposite of a freshwater aquarium in which divorce at most live organisms from coral reefs of tropical seas is salty kind of aquarium with fresh water.

The main difference is that in the aquarium with sea water can’t be tall plants, but also different types of decorative algae. His animal world is not only fish, but many species of invertebrates (protozoa). These are the Simplest, e.g., corals or sea anemones, sea stars, crustaceans and shell.

Sea animals are in the store more expensive than freshwater fish. However, current expenditure is still not much higher compared to the aquarium with fresh water (change water requires marine salt).

Changes in the composition of sea water is less visible than in fresh water. Due to this, marine animals are used during the evolution to a permanent conditions. Oscillation must be, therefore, in the care of the aquarium is prevented.

The composition of sea salt consists of different substances that perform important biological tasks, even if these substances are present in small quantity. Therefore, the composition of carefully selected sea salt with essential micro— elements particularly important.

SERA sea salt ( SERA sea salt ) is a natural mixture of razlichnaya and essential micronutrients. This ensures that all inhabiting the marine waters of fish the simplest and get optimal nutrition. SERA sea salt dissolves in a few minutes without forming turbidity and foam. The optimal pH is reached immediately and remains constant.

Calcium, strontium and trace elements are consumed by animals and decorative algae. Calcium concentration should Therefore be monitored regularly using the SERA calcium—test ( SERA calcium-Test ) and to rise by SERA calcium—plus ( SERA calcium-plus ). The amount of strontium and trace elements by increasing marinlit plus SERA ( SERA marinvit plus ).

In the new settling tank with sea water are, in principle, the same rules as in the case of aquarium with fresh water. Note the following features:

• Volume of the aquarium should be at least 200 liters, because larger aquariums are easier to keep stable water parameters.

• The optimal pH is 8.3. It can be easily installed by using SERA pH —plus ( SERA pH-plus ) .

• ERA sea salt ( SERA sea salt ) contains all important minerals and forms the ideal Foundation for the care of salt water aquarium.

• Use for new construction of Akutan SERA ( SERA aqutan ) . and double the number Amulek SERA (SERA ammovec) according to the instructions for use.

• SERA Morena ( morena SERA ) and SERA superactive black peat pellets ( SERA super active blackpeat granulate ) are intended only for freshwater aquaria and in any case should not be applied in saltwater aquariums.

• Measure the density of sea water is performed using SERA of measuring the density of sea water ( saltwater hydrometer SERA ) .

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Fish in the Mediterranean sea
Mako shark (Isurus oxyrhinchus) - the champion of the fastest sharks, reaching up to 4 meters long and weight more than half a ton. Belongs to the category of very…