Pond fish
In recent years it has become fashionable and prestigious dacha or cottage on a plot to equip a pond. Of course the owner of this pond I want to breathe…

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Aquarium fish catfish: the external signs and conditions of detention
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Pond fish

Agree, what could be more fun than watching frolicking fish in the pond? And if You decide to run a fish in a country pond, is to take this venture seriously. As a result Your actions are wrong, and the slightest mistake could be the death of the fish.

• There is a very important rule is to fish the length of a finger requires a minimum of 50 litres of water. And for large fish is quite different. One rather large fish need 2.5 square meter surface of the reservoir.

• As soon as You bring the fish at the dacha, do not immediately launch it in the pond. The capacity in which the fish, put it into a pond. The temperature difference is equalized. This simple way you will save the fish from shock.

• Pond serebryatsya only healthy fish! If the pond has got a sick individual, it will quickly infect the other inhabitants of the pond. Note the dorsal fin – it needs to stand straight with the eyes and integrity of the scales.

Before you determine the number and species of fish, you should think about the purpose of the pond.

If You adore to go fishing with friends, give preference to carp and carp, the tench and the Amur, silver carp and Rudd.

Japanese carp (koi carp). Very beautiful fish, loves to swim at poverhnostnom. Unpretentious in the content, it does not need special care, service and food. In ornamental ponds carp feel good all year round, but it would be better for the winter to replant in a frost place.

Carp. Is not only a variety of color scales, and shape. The most unpretentious freshwater fish. Can dwell in any water. Carp are sluggish and very lazy. Feels great even in the marshy ponds, which are very hot in summer and freeze in winter.

Lin. This fish is also called king of the pond. If the pond is not Lin, it can be said that the pond did not take place. Lin is resuscitation and first aid reservoir. At this fish treatment mucus containing the antibiotic. If in a pond there are fish infected with a bacterial infection, then Lin will come to the rescue. Sick fish rubs against Lin and cured.

Tench grow very slowly, but lives long. In a big pond can grow to a weight of 8 kg and a size of 50 cm Loves to eat worms, but if no worms – Tina, weed and feed, too. Love to eat moths, beetles and midges. For the winter lies down in November. This selects the deepest place of the pond, can burrow into the mud. Winter comes early in March. Until may greedily eats, then hides in mud. 2-3 days before spawning, it can already be seen near the shore.

During spawning sweeps around 350 thousand eggs. Favourable conditions for breeding of fry – the water temperature is 24 degrees.

The silver carp. If You want to have in Your pond was always clear water – run white silver carp. This fish profiltruyte muddy and blooming water. The fish are not very large size, ruggedness, and excellent winters. Feels great even in smaller ponds.

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