Pond fish
Agree, what could be more fun than watching frolicking fish in the pond? And if You decide to run a fish in a country pond, is to take this venture…

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Fishing for predatory fish. River - tyrant. Fishing report walleye, Perch, Pike, Chub, Vertical trolling on Tastrophy. ru
The idea a little to modify the tackle to plumb prompted me fishing for bream "the ring". Not only that in bycatch often come across and perches and somata in…

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The Shark DREAM book dream book dream a Shark? Dream interpretation interpretation of dream Shark

Shark meaning in the dream dictionary . Shark in a dream and the dream with the snake – represents the most formidable enemies.

If You dream that shark attacks or haunts You – basically, this dream signifies the coming disaster.

If Your dream sharks frolic in clear clean water – wary as You are very at risk of losing success with the opposite sex because of gossip.

To see a dead shark in a dream is basically a dream to refunds and the return of happy days.

The shark – Catch a dream book

Assault, or stalking sharks in a dream — a dream to failure and problems in all spheres of life.

If in the dream the shark bites or eats — you will be a loss of money, the attacks of jealous people in life.

Dreamed that you killed a shark — be careful because you are at risk, but with hope for a favorable outcome.

If in the dream Sharks swim in clear water — probably someone is jealous of you and prepare for you a trap in a short time.

If dreaming that You tamed a shark — don’t worry because you will win over enemies or neutralize them.

Caught a shark in a dream — will meet with his closest friend.

Had a Dead shark in a dream is salvation, a favorable outcome of the case.

Shark is a Modern dream book

Shark is near you is a terrible and insidious enemy.

Assault,stalking sharks in your dreams, you face failures.

You in my dreams devours a shark — be careful because it threatens the loss of money, the attacks of malevolent people.

If you had killed the shark is a danger to you awake still still remains, but believe me there are all the chances to win.

Sharks in a dream frolic in the water clean — you lurking someone’s jealous, someone wants to disturb your peace and happiness.

If you tamed a shark in a dream — all the machinations of your enemies will still turn out in your favor.

If the dream is Caught, the shark will meet with you dear man, or even a new interesting acquaintance for you.

Had a Dead shark — you expect a rescue, newfound well-being.

Shark – Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

To see a Shark in a dream is incidentally may be a sign of danger in life. The dream may show that you also may signify a hidden fear, so explore internal and external worlds of course, to find the source of hidden fears.

He who is called shark — mostly very shamelessly exploits others. If you exploit others, think about this. Or perhaps someone uses you in my life?

Shark – Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Seeing in a dream a shark — you should be prepared for trouble, as the dream you now warns about the danger a strong and gives you a great chance to avoid it. Be attentive and careful in life at the moment. just do not trust unfamiliar people and avoid various questionable ventures in life. In such circumstances it is better something is done than to do something wrong.

Shark – Dream Interpretation Miller

If you dream about a Shark — a dream warns you against fearsome foes.

If You dream that shark attacks or haunts You — a dream means that in real life the coming disasters, and who cast You into despair.

A dream in which sharks play in the clear clean water — a dream foretells that your happy carefree life at the moment in the women’s society may come to an end, because someone’s jealousy will make You lose sleep.

To see a dead shark in my sleep — believe me You will be rich again, and put Your will be fine.

As winter fish?
Winter fish are transferred in different ways. In winter, the fish reduced all life processes, almost all fish, with rare exceptions, stop feeding. They have slowed down the growth process…


Home aquarium
Do I need an aquarium in the modern home? The modern life such high-speed train, uncontrollably gaining speed and rushing into an uncertain tomorrow. Every minute counts, all that can…