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Entrees soup of sea fish

Long time I did not indulge recipes and opened our “virtual” Internet cafes ” Master “. Today in the “Delicious recipes” I want to share with you another recipe. And it will be soup from marine fish . A master class in cooking of fish soup will give you our permanent chef Dmitry. I beg to love and favor!

Shalom, Amigos! It’s me again, Dima. And today we started again to cook something quick and easy. Some believe that in the ear the main thing – the rooster (“ear of the rooster”), but I prefer to use fish.

So, let’s go!

So, how prepared the ear of marine fish ?

At us in Murmansk sold kits for the soup. Often use sets of salmon or trout. Before there were sets – a mixture of halibut and cod. In principle, you can have any. Who loves fatter, take more halibut, trout or salmon. Well to oily fish to add a piece leaner. For example, cod. A good ear and sea bass. The main thing that was a fish, and the ear will turn out delicious – that’s for sure.

Take the fish. fish head, fish cutting and meat scraps, ( for example, a set soup, a standard pack of 1 kg, we usually divide into 3 times). Us that the portions are enough for 3 to microvolumetric. Fish my.

Fill a saucepan with water, sprinkle with salt. Put on the heat. The water is boiling, put in a pot of prepared fish portion.

And while cooking the fish, do other ingredients. Peel potatoes (6 – 8 pieces depending on size), and my three on a coarse grater carrots and finely chop onions. And wait half cooked fish.

Cook the fish until the state, until the meat away from the bones. Then remove it from the broth. Broth if necessary you can drain from the bones.

A pot of broth is put on fire, bring to a boil and add grated carrot, chopped onion. Bring to a boil and boil for about 10 minutes.

Then add potatoes, sliced about the same as for borscht, that is, in large cubes, and wait until the potato is cooked. Almost ready? Lay the pepper with the Bay leaf and after 5-7 minutes you can bring to the table, adding in a dish the fish pieces. You can clean it from the bones. On top of the plate, add the dill.

What and how much?

Potatoes 6 – 8 pieces depending on size, onions, and carrots – again, depending on size, 1 or the other. And, of course, salt to taste. The 1-2 leaf Lavrushka and black pepper-5-7 peas. Dill.

Well, that’s the ear of marine fish popular in our family. Sometimes for a variety of very well-treat yourself to this fish dish. Try it and you.

Bon appetit!


And, in General, how many cooks, so many options. In Kamchatka, for example, when on shore, the fire in the boiler is boiled fresh fish, put fish, salt, onion, carrots (if any) and, at the end of cooking, a glass of vodka – for flavor.

Known dual-ear when first boiled the thing for cats, and then the resulting broth and big fish. Heard about triple ear, which is prepared similarly.

In the seventies in the Ukraine in winter, pond fish pomoria, local Shchukar gave the kolkhoz soup of frogs: “You said, “anything you catch in the pot.” I spent two hours stuck, and though a bleak! All of them, Herod, Yes healthy, as crocodiles!” The following year, in ponds of the same farm fish was the paddle will not turn!

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