How fish overwinter

Fish for the winter gather in flocks for the winter. They descend into the depths of rivers and lakes. Their body is covered with mucus as a fur coat.

Fish spend the winter deep at the bottom. At the bottom water does not freeze even in severe frosts. By winter, the fish becomes motionless, sluggish.

Fish overwinter in different ways.

Carp, carp bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of the pond and survive until spring. They are immobile and lose their appetite.

Many fish go into hibernation, catfish, tench, bream, roach. They lay on the bottom or buried in the mud.

Difficult fish under the ice in winter. The algae begin to rot, the air gets under the ice smaller, and the fish hard to breathe. So people punch rivers hole through which the ice enters clean air.

Predatory fish do not sleep even in winter, burbot, pike, perch.

Burbot is very nimble and voracious predator, as a wolf, only water. He eats fish, frogs, eggs. Nalim loves cold water. Burbot hunt at night. And when the water becomes warm again, burbot becomes sluggish and immobile.

Trout, whitefish, salmon love cold water. In the fall they do on the bottom of the pit nests, lay eggs in them. In the spring of this calves will appear small fish – kids. They are called “fry”.

Read children entertaining stories and tales about how fish overwinter.

How fish overwinter: educational tales and stories for children.

E. PWM. All you cover.

Morozko was the first time lesbi feet wet. The earth autumn puddles and swamps — full of water, and forest lake from the rains even came from the coast.

Sneeze Jack frost, his nose that she’d started. And then got angry and started mittens each other to clap.

How will pop — ice cover is ready.

For pools of small caps made.

Swamp — a little more cover.

For ponds and lakes — large cap very strong green ice.

They took frost in his arms and went to the water seal.

— Now, — speaks, — all this slush cover.

Bent over the puddle . the cap priorivet. And from puddles weak golazeski:

— Morozko, Jack frost, ‘ do not seal up the puddle, keep the cap!

Looks Frosty, and in a puddle full of all living creatures: beetles beetles, and beetles-water scavenger beetles, and beetles whirligig, there’s water spiders, flea beetle Yes larvae… Scurry-scurry!

— Enough! said Jack frost. — Lived. All you cover!

Next comes. Got out to the swamp.

— Now, — speaks, — and here will pick up the lid!

And swamp voices are heard:

— Morozko, Jack frost, do not lower the lid, do not seal up the swamp!

Lo and behold — and there is full residents: frogs, newts, snails crawling.

— Enough! said Jack frost. — Lived. All you cover!

Example — Bang! — and suddenly the swamp was sealed.

Next comes. The lake came out.

— Now, — he says — the biggest cover find!

And from the lake voices are heard:

— Morozko, Jack frost, do not lower the lid, do not seal up the lake!

Looking — fish in the lake is full. And here pike, perch . and minnows, and all the small fry, fry fingerlings.

— Enough! said Jack frost. I’ll buy! All you cover!

Example, aim — Bang! — and lay down on the thick lake ice cover.

So … Morozko said. Now my time is in forests and fields to walk around. Will have mercy, and I want — so all fired.

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