In the Ukrainian rivers got hairy predatory fish

The other day in a social network “Vkontakte” on the page “Chernihiv jelly” has a frightening kind of substance.

According to the author of the pictures of Andrey Ivanov is a miracle Yudo last Sunday fishermen fished the network from the Gums in the area of Chernigov and demonstrated in the Central market of the regional center.

Long “Chupacabra” about two male palms

Roundeye has two rows of small and sharp teeth, and covered with scales and fine hairs of the coat. Not a fish, but a creature of some sort!

– I never saw, – has commented on a photo the head of the Association of fishermen of Ukraine Alexander Chistyakov. – This creature resembles a lot of things and at the same time – nothing. Maybe this is someone’s drawing, and this fish actually does not exist. Although in recent years people have started playing with nature in our waters appear alien creatures that are forcing the natives.

Judging by the teeth, the fish does not apply to vegetarians

A striking example of this, according to Chistyakova, silver carp – an alien from the Far East. Our home, Golden, listed in the Red book, but this tenacious, eats other fish eggs and can vimagati to 2.5 kg if feed enough

Head black shark – dalati pohojaya trophy Chernihiv fishermen. But her body quite another.

– According to the latest data, in our waters settled about 11 fish-aliens. Some fish came right out of the aquariums, such as piranhas. Not dangerous fortunately, – said the expert. So this player could get into the Gums of the artificial conditions. But this does not mean that he was there accustomed.

Fish head-Chupacabra resembles the head of a black shark – Galatia. According to Wikipedia, these fish are sporadically distributed throughout the world. Yes, that’s the intrigue – galatei a slightly different body structure. And the whangdoodle from the Gums “figure” more like eel.

Photo unusual creatures we sent a scientist from the Institute of zoologists the name Schmalhausen. Posadasii, they came to this conclusion:

– This fish is from the group of the dwarf deep-sea sharks, to which the species belongs is uncertain. Most likely, it refers to frozen seafood. In the Gum the appearance of such fish is completely excluded, – said Leonid Manila, specialist in marine fish from the Zoological Museum, National scientific natural Museum of NAS of Ukraine.

By the way, like the monster, the fishermen caught in January of 2014 in Chuvashia (Russia). Then he has been identified as fry by night of the shark. However, those who are even slightly familiar with biology, hesitated: shark is a fish, and, consequently, lives in salt water. How she could get into fresh water?

– This fish has a Gill cover, so it’s not a cartilaginous fish. And refers to the cartilaginous sharks and rays. Maybe it’s some kind of mutant? This could be, was once caught an octopus with 25 tentacles, and should be 8 tentacles and thought it is a new type and the mutant. The more side are placed the pectoral fins, and sharks have not, – expressed his opinion of the biology teacher.

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