Synodontis star or angel catfish (Synodontis angelicus)
Habitat. The birthplace of Synodontis angel is the Congo river basin, Africa. Prefers slow flowing rivers of the region. Appearance and color. The angel synodontis stocky, slightly elongated length and…

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Fish in the Mediterranean sea
Mako shark (Isurus oxyrhinchus) - the champion of the fastest sharks, reaching up to 4 meters long and weight more than half a ton. Belongs to the category of very…

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In fact, sharks rarely attack people, on the contrary, people in different ways destroys the shark, relentlessly pursuing them across the ocean. In an average year is recorded not more than 100 shark attacks on humans. Of them with fatal outcome have about 20. The more people he often provokes a shark. Typical case: Diver John Bowers grabbed the tail of a 1.5-metre shark-nurse, hoping that it would “fly” under water (I was smart enough:). But the walk did not take place. The shark rushed at Bowers and death grip him in the right hip. Friend Bowers shot her harpoon gun, but the harpoon passed through the body of the shark, apparently, not even disturbing her. Bowers together with seizing it in a shark was hauled into the boat, and only ten minutes were finally able to unclench her jaw and set him free. A man is caught annually about 400 tons of sharks. They often kill for fun – as a result of sport fishing. Continue reading

Entrees soup of sea fish

Long time I did not indulge recipes and opened our “virtual” Internet cafes ” Master “. Today in the “Delicious recipes” I want to share with you another recipe. And it will be soup from marine fish . A master class in cooking of fish soup will give you our permanent chef Dmitry. I beg to love and favor!

Shalom, Amigos! It’s me again, Dima. And today we started again to cook something quick and easy. Some believe that in the ear the main thing – the rooster (“ear of the rooster”), but I prefer to use fish.

So, let’s go!

So, how prepared the ear of marine fish ?

At us in Murmansk sold kits for the soup. Often use sets of salmon or trout. Before there were sets – a mixture of halibut and cod. In principle, you can have any. Continue reading

How fish overwinter

Fish for the winter gather in flocks for the winter. They descend into the depths of rivers and lakes. Their body is covered with mucus as a fur coat.

Fish spend the winter deep at the bottom. At the bottom water does not freeze even in severe frosts. By winter, the fish becomes motionless, sluggish.

Fish overwinter in different ways.

Carp, carp bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of the pond and survive until spring. They are immobile and lose their appetite.

Many fish go into hibernation, catfish, tench, bream, roach. They lay on the bottom or buried in the mud.

Difficult fish under the ice in winter. The algae begin to rot, the air gets under the ice smaller, and the fish hard to breathe. So people punch rivers hole through which the ice enters clean air.

Predatory fish do not sleep even in winter, burbot, pike, perch. Continue reading

In the Ukrainian rivers got hairy predatory fish

The other day in a social network “Vkontakte” on the page “Chernihiv jelly” has a frightening kind of substance.

According to the author of the pictures of Andrey Ivanov is a miracle Yudo last Sunday fishermen fished the network from the Gums in the area of Chernigov and demonstrated in the Central market of the regional center.

Long “Chupacabra” about two male palms

Roundeye has two rows of small and sharp teeth, and covered with scales and fine hairs of the coat. Not a fish, but a creature of some sort!

– I never saw, – has commented on a photo the head of the Association of fishermen of Ukraine Alexander Chistyakov. – This creature resembles a lot of things and at the same time – nothing. Maybe this is someone’s drawing, and this fish actually does not exist. Although in recent years people have started playing with nature in our waters appear alien creatures that are forcing the natives. Continue reading

Breeding fish in garden ponds

Wanting to build a pond in your garden will be interested in this question: “How many fish can be kept in garden pond?”. The volume of water to ensure normal functioning of each fish ranging in size from 6 -7 cm shall not be less than fifty liters. There are fish (Golden IDE), which in a short time become more this size.

The fish that you just acquired, it is not recommended to run into the pond. Advise capacity, in which there were fish put in the pond. This must be done in order to normalize the temperature balance, which can negatively affect the fish. Better if you have just purchased fish run in a tank of pond water, to avoid the entry of pathogens. Fish bought in designated stores, as a rule, are healthy and the risk of infection is not significant. Continue reading

On this page You will get complete information on goldfish. Today there are several dozen varieties and breeds of goldfish. The body shape of common goldfish resembles a goldfish. The…


Pond fish
Agree, what could be more fun than watching frolicking fish in the pond? And if You decide to run a fish in a country pond, is to take this venture…